List of Published Travel Writing

by John S. Hamalian

(partial list)

The Straits Times, the largest newspaper in Singapore:

  • "Journey Into the Sleeping Land" (Siberia), Aug 2018

  • "A Warm Homecoming" (Armenia), Mar 2017

  • "Keep Calm and Drive On" (Kyrgyzstan), Sept 2016

  • "At the Crossroads of Civilisations" (Kazakhstan), Mar 2016

  • "A Paradise Less Travelled" (Tajikistan), Sept 2015

  • "Delightful Dili, Pristine State" (East Timor), Mar 2013

Shanghai Daily, the largest English-language newspaper in East China:

  • "In Mongolia, a Search for Genghis Khan’s Legacy", Jan 2016

  • "Feeling on Top of the World in Tajikistan", Oct 2015

The Armenian Mirror-Spectator newspaper:

  • "Armenia – An Ancient Land Rediscovered", May 2017

Tashi Delek, magazine of Royal Bhutan Airlines:

  • "Clean Air, Clean Mind", Apr 2008

  • "Bhutan: A Hidden Kingdom Revealed", Dec 2006

Living in Singapore, magazine of the American Association of Singapore:

  • "Cambodia: Finding the Light", Oct-Nov 2020

  • "Brunei: Tiny World of Wonder", Aug-Sept 2020

  • "Thailand: A Smile and a Dream", April-May 2020

  • "Laos: A Wounded Elephant Walks Again", Dec-Jan 2020

  • "The Serendipity of Sri Lanka", Oct-Nov 2019

  • "Myanmar: A Glittering Tapestry of Humanity", Aug-Sept 2019

An Indian Journey, travel magazine:

  • "A Bright Shining Land of Infinite Culture", July 2009